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Over 30 Years of Custom Jewelry


The initial sketch of a custom jewelry piece made by APS Jewelry.


Every masterpiece begins with an idea. This initial concept can be visualized, discussed verbally, or inspired by reference pictures.

A 3D Rendering made by APS Jewelry for a custom jewelry customer's wedding or engagement ring.


Utilizing digital CAD (computer-aided design), we transform your idea into reality by crafting a detailed render and 3D print of your piece.

A customer of APS Jewelry shows off their custom made wedding or engagement ring.


Witness the magic unfold as your artistic vision materializes into tangible form, revealing stunning detail and breathtaking tangibility.

Anthony Smith, owner of APS Jewelry works on a custom jewelry piece at his jewelers bench.

About The Jeweler

Anthony Smith, a graduate of Paris Junior College's jewelry program, honed his craft through years of apprenticeship before returning to the vibrant Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, where he has passionately served clients for over three decades.

Driven by a profound love for artistic expression and a rich family legacy, Anthony stands as a master craftsman, revered for his exceptional creations. Each piece is meticulously forged, bearing witness to his unwavering commitment to detail and a profound connection to his clients' visions.

With an artful fusion of time-honored traditions and innovative techniques, Anthony Smith transforms dreams into reality, ensuring every creation is a timeless masterpiece.


Explore our online catalog showcasing an array of ready-made products.

Discover the perfect piece to elevate your style and make a statement.

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